Manta Ray Night Snorkel
by Jack's Diving Locker

Manta rays are filter feeders and feed on plankton attracted to light. They have very large mouths, but no sharp teeth. Manta rays do not have tail stingers.

This is a thrilling experience for those who seek adventure!

Manta Guarantee: While we see mantas about 85% of the time, they are wild animals and their appearance is beyond our control.  If you don’t see a manta on your night out, you can go again on another night on a space available, standby basis.  Keep in mind that these spaces may be very limited, especially during the busiest times of the year.  However, the offer never expires but is non-transferable and has no refund or cash value.



Join the knowledgeable and friendly crew of Jack’s Diving Locker for a night to remember on the world famous Manta Night Snorkel. Take a boat ride in the late afternoon along the Kona coast to the manta viewing site. Slip into the water with your snorkel guide and float above majestic manta rays as they somersault, glide, and pivot in the light below.




A boat trip along the Kona coast and snorkel session at the manta site with a guide.  

Gear included such as

  • mask,
  • snorkel,
  • fins,
  • underwater light
  • and snacks.

Snorkelers are expected to hold onto a provided surf board with their guide and group.


  • Swimsuit,
  • towel,
  • dry clothes,
  • light jacket or hoodie.  

Take seasick medication if that’s something you regularly do.



Meeting Time

  • April 1st – August 31 meeting time is 5:30 p.m. 
  • September 1st – March 31 meeting time is 5:00 p.m. 

Return Time

  • April 1st – August 31 return time between 9:00 - 10:00 p.m. 
  • September 1st – March 31 return time between 8:30 - 9:30 p.m.


MANTA TOUR PARTICIPANT GUIDELINES OBSERVE ONLY: No touching. Resist the urge to “pet” the mantas. This will rub off their protective mucus coating. Do not chase, grab, or try to take a ride on the mantas. This doesn’t benefit the animal in anyway.

DIVER POSITION: Divers must stay on or near the sand, rubble or boulder bottom. An open water column is necessary for the mantas to maneuver. Avoid contact with coral, sea urchins, or other marine life. Form a semi-circle with your group.

SNORKELER POSITION: Snorkelers must stay on the surface and keep legs horizontal. Do not dive down into the water column.

LIGHTS: Divers please shine lights up into the water column to attract plankton. Snorkelers please shine lights down.

BUBBLES: Divers try to time your breathing so that you don’t blow bubbles up into the manta if it’s passes over your head.

TAKING PHOTOS or VIDEO: When taking underwater photos or video, be considerate of people and mantas. Minimize your equipment in the water column and let the mantas come to you.

These guidelines were first established in 1993 by manta dive operators in Kona, Hawaii. Reviewed again in 2013 by manta tour operators (dive and snorkel operators).


When can I fly or drive to altitude? 
For single dives a minimum surface interval of 12 hours is suggested before flying. If you have been doing multiple days of multiple dives, PADI recommends a minimum surface interval of 18 to 24 hours.  We also strongly recommend that you do not plan to drive to the volcano, Waimea or Hilo, take a helicopter tour or stargaze on the top of Mauna Kea the same day that you dive.  Following these recommendations reduces DCS risk but does not guarantee that a diver will avoid DCS.


Jack's Diving Locker

75-5813 Alii Drive*
Kailua Kona, HI  96740

Jack’s Diving Locker is on the Big Island of Hawaii in the town of Kailua-Kona. Our main town location is located in the Coconut Grove Marketplace on Ali’i Drive across from the ocean.  Coconut Grove Marketplace is near the Royal Kona Resort and Huggo’s restaurant.  The Jack’s Diving Locker building is next to Outback Steakhouse and Oceans Sports Bar and Grill.   We are also near Humpy’s restaurant that overlooks a the sand volleyball court. There is plenty of free parking near our building.


You may make changes or cancellations to your reservations up to 24 hours* prior to the trip without charge.

To initiate the cancellation process, please refer to the cancellation link that can be found inside the confirmation of booking email you'll receive from MyConcierge

All changes or cancellations after that will result in the full price being charged to the credit card used to make the reservation(s). *A 48-hour cancellation policy applies to all reservations between December 20th and January 5th.

$ 105.00
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Adult (ages 14+)

Child (ages 0-13)

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