Zipline Through Paradise
by KapohoKine Adventures

Take your need for speed to new heights on this thrilling zipline adventure.

Covering nearly two miles of gorgeous tropical river gorges, our 8-line zip course is fun for the whole family. 

View multiple different waterfalls while soaring over 160 feet above them. 

Our certified staff will guide you over one of the longest lines on Hawaii Island at more than 2,400 feet in length! Ride the only all side-by-side dual-track zipline on Hawaii! 

For those who select the zip line + Waterfall & transportation, after your zipline adventure enjoy a picnic deli style lunch and swim in a private waterfall!

Next we take a scenic drive before tour return to Kona.

  • Light snacks and water are provided through out the tour.



  • No heart, neck or back problems, no pregnant women, minimum weight 35lb max weight 275lb max. Must be able to lift 15lb and walk up stairs and over uneven terrain.
  • Guests under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult

8-Line Zipline Adventure

Hale Halawai

The first pavilion of the course, Hale Halawai (meeting place) is where you will greet your zip guides, go through the safety orientation, and put on your zip gear.  It sits underneath Line 1, and when you're ready to go you will walk up the short path to start your adventure!

Line 1

Hugging the Hilo Forest Reserve, our first line starts the course out with a bang!  

Climb the first suspension element of the course (you won't touch the ground again until completing Line 4!) to the departure platform.  

Every line on the course has two side-by-side zip lines, so you and your first zip partner will enjoy the panoramic ocean views high above Hilo-town.  

Listen for the calls of our native birds in the forest behind the platform, then see what it feels like to join them in the air as you speed over the duck pond towards Line 2.  Your first experience with our state-of-the-art magnetic zipSTOP braking system is here at the end of Line 1.  

A fully automatic self-regulating magnetic braking system, our zipSTOPs have the ability to safely and comfortably bring guests to a stop from any speed.

Line 2

Connected to Line 1 with a suspended staircase, Line 2 has even more impressive views of the coastline and Hilo Bay.  

All of our zip lines have redundant safety systems, so your guides will connect each of your two trolley systems to it's own zip cable.  

Line 2 will deliver you to the steep banks of the raging Honolii river.  

Line 2 traverses open pasture and is a great line to try out your turning skills.  

The arrival platform leads to the second suspension element of the course which takes you through the top of the native 'ohia tree canopy to the Line 3 departure platform.

Line 3

Sounds of the forest are replaced by the roar of rapids from below.  

The first views of the river can be seen here.  Looking mauka (towards the mountain), you'll catch vistas of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, the two huge volcanoes that make up the bulk of Hawaii Island.  

Turn to the south and you'll be treated to views of smoke and steam rising from the Pu'u O'o vent of Kilauea Volcano.  

Line 3 takes you along the river through a native Hawaiian rainforest filled with old-growth ohia trees to Line 4.

Line 4

Connected to Line 3 with the third suspension element, Line 4 is a real stunner.  

A native koa forest stands to your left.  

The river can't be seen from here, but the sounds hint at what's to come.  

Starting 150 feet over the valley below, the cliff below you drops away to reveal a double-tiered waterfall that will melt your heart.  

Swivel around in your harness if you can and feel the power of this 120 foot tall stunner of a waterfall.  

If it's really raging, you'll be enveloped in mist from the falls as you glide across the pool below.  

A unique and top-secret exit from this line will leave you giggling in your harness.

Hale Ho'onanea

The end of Line 4 brings you to our second pavilion known as Hale Ho'onanea, or "house of peace".  

The name becomes obvious as you sit and enjoy the views of the waterfall while your new zipline buddies complete their adventure on line 4.  

Light snacks and beverages are provided here, as are restrooms.

This is also the location where lunch will be waiting for those guests opting for our convenient and delicious lunch delivery program.

Line 5

Line 5 starts out innocently enough:  low platform with a short flight of stairs!  

Don't be fooled, however, as Line 5 arrival and Line 6 departure share a platform, the tallest on the course!  

When you arrive at this platform which sits above the tree canopy, the river valley opens up below you with stunning views of fern, 'ohia, and palm tree forests lining the steep 200 foot river banks.

Line 6

From your tree-top aerie take in more mind-boggling views of the Hilo coastline.  

This line starts out over the tree-top canopy high above the river below.  

As you start your zip look to the left and you'll catch a glimpse of a beautiful hidden grotto complete with tropical waterfall.  

Then look to your right and view the river stretching out 200' below you.  

Before you know it, you'll be racing your zip partner down an old logging road approaching the arrival platform before you hit the brakes.  

Walk down a few steps and across a short foot path to the departure platform of Line 7.

Line 7

Line 7 is the unsung hero of the course.  

It starts with the fourth suspension element on the course that takes you up to the departure platform.  

Start zipping and the forest floor below you almost immediately falls away revealing the gorgeous river ravine 200 feet under your feet.  

Several waterfalls reveal themselves as you pass a curve in the river affording amazing views both up- and downstream.  

The arrival platform of Line 7 sits on a peninsula, and is connected to the last line of the course by yet another suspension element.

Line 8

Line 8 is the sleeping giant, the longest line of the course, at more than 1/2 mile long!  

Reach it by traversing the fifth and final suspension element that connects Line 7 arrival to Line 8 departure.  

After a short zip across the peninsula, you drop right down into the river gorge.  

The sights and sounds envelope you as you take in the ride.  

You will travel directly down the middle of the river, soaring over several waterfalls and rapids.  

This is an amazing adrenaline rush which rewards you with a surprisingly gentle landing at the arrival platform.  

A few steps and a short uphill walk will bring you back to meet your transport back to Hale Halawai.


In Kona or Hilo with No car? No worries!

Avoid the hassle, and let our friends at KapohoKine Adventures pick you up!  All of our Transportation Services tours include our Delivered Picnic Lunch Option at no extra charge, round-trip fully narrated tour, 8 line Zipline Through Paradise adventure, plus additional features below


If you need to request a cancellation through MyConcierge, you can do so from within the confirmation email you will receive after the vendor recieves your booking and accepts. There will be a link in the email that you can click to select to cancel. That will then initiate the cancellation process, and the vendor will notify you directly. 

Please contact Kapohokine Adventures at least 24 hours in advance of your confirmed booking date. (808) 964-1000

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